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Rail and tram

In the Rail and Tram sector, Stea is specialized in the design and development of:

  • aerodynamic nose designs, control consoles, and internal furniture
  • External tops in resin or similar materials
  • Coach structure
  • Bogies
  • Development and installation of hydrostatic, electric and pneumatic systems
  • Installation of equipment under/above the coach

The execution of the project and development (including building details) in collaboration with the component manufacturer/supplier is carried out with particular attention to the final quality of the product and production costs.
Moreover, feasibility and systems’ installation studies ensure assembly and production phases with on-site technical assistance, during the first assembly phase, if required.

Customization of forms

For each sector, at the end of the project, the company provides all the documents required for the homologation of the products, accompanied by the user manuals.


Rail and tram

General Mechanics